Amazingly Chaotic and Joyfully Exhausting

Amazingly chaotic and joyfully exhausting is the only way to explain today and that doesn’t even do it justice!!

Today was our last day of VBS in Chipata Compound. We decided when the team from Prescott got here to do an extra day of VBS on Saturday. We had never done any ministry like that on Saturday but were up for the challenge.

Throughout the week we have had roughly 100 or so children. We figured we would have more today but didn’t know how many; we ended up with 200-300 probably closer to 300!!

The lesson today was about hoping for Jesus return. We were able to tell over 200 kiddos about Jesus and we were able to give them all a meal to fill their bellies!!! There were so many children that they had to go out to purchase more food to prepare for them all which meant trying to stall for a while longer.

Trying to keep 200-300 kids entertained and contained while waiting for the food to finish is not an easy task. We ended up having to split up our last group to do their crafts and Jenna and I took about 30 of the younger ones to a separate room to work on their craft. Most of them don’t speak English so we have been having the teachers and others from the church help translate but we ran out of people to translate so Jenna and I-with our limited Bemba knowledge- successfully completed the craft with them! But we still had to keep them entertained until the food was done. At one point I had a baby boy tied on my back, a dozen children holding my hands, another 20 vying for my attention, and I could hear about 150 children in the next rooms singing to their Lord and Savior at the top of their lungs. 

In the midst of all this chaos I was in complete and utter AWE of what God was doing here in Zambia. I’m amazed at how many littles we got to speak the truth about Jesus into. I’m amazed that God can use little old me to serve Him here in Zambia. But most of all I’m so incredibly thankful that God placed Zambia on my heart and has continued to keep His promise to use me here!!! Nototella Yesu!!! (Bemba for Thank you Jesus!!!)

Prayer Requests:
– Jenna and I both have a cold/sinus thing that is rather annoying so pray for quick healing
– Pray that the seeds we plated in children’s lives today will be watered even after we leave and will eventually grow into a relationship with Jesus.
– Pray for our last week of ministry next week that we will find our strength in Jesus and that we will continue to do His will!!!

In Him,