Zambia Medical Trip Update

This last week was such a whirlwind of events I didn’t have time to sit down and tell you all what we were doing except for short updates on Facebook so brace yourself for a lengthier blog than normal but I promise you it was an AMAZING trip and you will want to hear about it.

I just have to start off by saying how incredibly amazing God is. He orchestrated this whole trip and it was truly one of my favorite of all my other trips. This team was amazing, there were six young adults, Dr. Stilley and his wife and Stu. None of us knew each other well if at all so it was only by God’s grace that we all got along so well. I am so incredibly grateful for this team. Not only for the students but for Dr. Stilley and his wife Connie for bringing us their past experience on trips like this, for our team leader, Stu, for ALWAYS making us laugh no matter what and also helping to get us to where we needed to be. I can honestly say that the six of us will be forever friends despite the distance between us. There was never a dull moment with us, between playing card games and talking/laughing until midnight every night, the random jokes all throughout the day, and on a more serious note screening children. This trip was so amazing I am sad that it is over but will forever hold it near and dear to my heart!

In addition to our team from America, we had three local Zambian nurses who helped us during that actual physical exam, Babra, Edward and their son Alpha were there most days assisting in any way they could, the teachers at Chipata helped us, and various Sara Rose staff were also helping. We were so thankful for their help, they can relate and explain things so much better than we can so having their help was crucial to our time there!

Now on to what we did while in Zambia: we spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning doing physicals on the children who attend St. Michaels School at the Feeding Center in Chipata. Thursday afternoon we were at the Orphanage and Friday morning was spent at the Boys Ranch. We saw just under 200 kiddos over the course of those 4 days, some of which had never been to a doctor of any form and have never received medical care. I am excited and amazed to say that we did not have any major issues and sicknesses that were cause for immediate concern!!!

Each child was registered and we took a picture of each of them and then we did height and weight to graph on the growth chart and a basic eye exam. We only had about a dozen or so between the three sites who needed eye glasses! After their eye exam, their hemoglobin was checked with only a few who had low numbers but nothing that caused a major concern and that hopefully can be helped with vitamins and better nutrition. Each child was given a basic physical exam checking their ears, throat, belly, etc. and praise Jesus we only handed out anti-biotics for basic things like strep throat, ear infections, skin infections, etc. In addition to the anti-biotics, we brought a ton of chewable anti-parasite pills that each and every person we treated received. That pill will last around six months and we left all the extras that can be used in the future.

Two of the students along with myself are nursing students, we had one pre-med student, and one student in med school so this trip was a ton of hands on learning and I can say with certainty that all 5 of us learned more in the four days of clinics than we ever have in a classroom! And we are thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait for more like it in the future. We really are so thankful for all your prayers for good health for ourselves, for the team to mesh and for safe travels! We would not have been able to make this trip happen if it weren’t for you and your prayers and support!


Zambia Medical 2017!

Hi, Friends!! It has been a while since I wrote a blog and I figured what better time than sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my team members to arrive so we can go to Zambia! I am sure that most of you have been following my journey with the country of Zambia since the beginning but for those of you new friends, I will do a quick introduction!

This will be my fourth trip to Kitwe, Zambia: the first one was two weeks with my church, the second two were with an organization called Apex Missions (previously Trek7) which were both 7-week trips, and this trip is the first trip with my new position of GlobalFingerprints site coordinator for Zambia! This country has completely stolen my heart, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of the kids and the staff that I minister with. I am really truly blessed that God brought Edward and Barbra, the Sara Rose Children’s Foundation staff and children, and everyone else involved!

Now that you know a little more about me and my heart for Zambia here is some information about this current trip.I will be going with Dr. Stilley, his wife Connie, Stu Erdenberg, and 4 medical students: Megan, Caitlyn, Brennan, and Elliot. We will also be meeting an Apex student, Chloe, who will be with us for the trip. We will be in Zambia for about a week (we leave today and come back on July 16th). While in Zambia we will be doing

While in Zambia we will be doing physicals for each of the students involved in our GlobalFingerprints program. We are expecting to see roughly 200+ children in 5 days. I am so beyond excited for this trip. I am so excited to meet other medical/nursing students who share the same passion for missions I do.

We are not sure what our WiFi abilities will be but we will post updates as much as possible.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for safe travels for everyone as we meet in Atlanta and then fly together to Johannesburg and then onto Zambia
  • Pray for health for all of us as we will hit the ground running and not stop until we get home
  • Pray for the hearts of those we will interact with, that those who don’t know Jesus will see Him through us, and for those who do know Jesus that they will be encouraged
  • Pray for the team to mesh well together
  • Pray for the love of Jesus to radiate through each of us and that people won’t see what we are doing as actions to bring us glory but actions to bring Jesus all the glory!!! 

An Apology Letter From a Christian


One day while in high school I received a call from a gay peer of mine. He needed to be driven to the hospital to be checked for a STD. He had no one to call, because he was scared he would be judged. As I drove him and waited with him in the waiting room, he told me about how hurt he had been in the past by people who claimed to be Christians. My heart broke that this young boy believed Christians taught hate, due to how he was treated by people who claimed to follow Christ.

I’ve noticed that some of the meanest people can be met at church. Some of the people who judge the most sit in the pew every Sunday. I’ve seen people be ostracized by a Church for one bad mistake.

I’ve seen Christians be exclusive and picky about who they call friend. They leave…

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It was around this time last year that I made the final decision to spend my summer in Zambia and I thought I would continue that tradition and announce that I will be going back again this summer!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I am overjoyed when I think about spending another 7 weeks in the country that I consider my second home. I am so excited to reconnect with all my friends I made this last summer. My heart skips a beat when I think about seeing the gorgeous smiling faces of the children at the orphanage and the feeding center again. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to have family and friends here in the US as well as a second set of family and friends in Zambia. I cannot even begin to explain to you how ecstatic I am to go back this summer!!!

I will be spending another 7 weeks in Zambia with a trip through the Evangelical Free Church Of America, Trek7. Being that it is fairly early I do not know exactly who my teammates will be or what I will be doing. I am just trusting that God has a plan and that He will knit together the perfect team whose skills and passions complement each other so that we can serve our Heavenly Father in amazing ways!

Now if any of you have been on a mission trip or have ever supported someone going on a trip, you know that it is not a cheap endeavor so therefore I will be sending out support letters, hopefully selling t-shirts, and doing other fundraisers in order to be able to make this trip happen. I will need $3,000 for on the ground costs plus airfare which will end up being around $2,000-$3,000 so in total i will be needing around $5,000-$6,000 in all!! But I have seen God work in crazy ways and if Zambia is where I need to be this summer I have full faith that my trip will be covered! I always explain it is as jumping off a cliff blindfolded. I I am jumping off a cliff into Africa and just trusting that Jesus will catch me and support me in everything I do!

If any of you would like to receive a support letter to learn more about what I will be doing and would like to support me, private message me with your home address and I will send a letter to you! I love each and everyone of you and pray for you all often!! Without your guys support and prayers doing what I do would be close to impossible!!

Blessed Beyond Compare

I am sitting in my free period at school as I type this and I’m reminded of how blessed I am. I am blessed beyond compare to be able to go to school and get a good education all for free. There are so many people around the world who don’t get the opportunity to go to school because the school fees are too expensive and the parent have to make a choice between sending their children to school or feeding their children. We in America have no idea what that is like. We have never had to choose between eating or going to school and so often we take that for granted. We don’t realize how much of a blessing it is to be able to do both. I think of the children at the feeding center School. All of these children have never been to school before and this is a BIG deal to them. They are finally able to learn their ABC’s and their numbers, and how to play with other. They are taught the basics they need to move onto primary school to further their education. One of the days in Zambia, Maddie and I went out into Chipata and did home studies with VIctoria and the Teacher Elizabeth. I remember Victoria saying afterward saying how hard it is  for her because some of the children have been in the sponsor system for months on end and have not been sponsored. These mothers are desperate to have their children in school so that they can get out of this never-ending spiral that people go through when they don’t have an education.

I hope these words touch at least one of you reading this, if it does touch your heart and you feeling like God is speaking to you about this you can help. You can sponsor a child for only $35 a month. By sponsoring a child you can help them go to school, get food, clothes, and help to pay for medical expenses. You can also give these families hope. Hope knowing that someone all the way around the world cares for them and wants to see their children in school to help to get them out of these never-ending spiral. YOU CAN HELP. $35 a month is nothing to us, that is one night out to dinner for a family, that is one night out to the movies. Are you willing to sacrifice something so little to help a child in Zambia in such a HUGE way. If you are, head over to and pick out your sponsor child TODAY!!!!

These kids lives can be changed because of you!!♡

Much love,


Relentless Trust

Hey friends! I have a new blog! I will be focusing on missions and the new journey I am embarking on with GlobalFingerprints. I have taken on the responsibility of GlobalFingerprints coordinator for Zambia! I will keep you all updated! Thank you guys for joining me on this journey of relentless trust in my Heavenly Father. Love you all!!

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