New Opportunities

The country of Zambia is home to some of the most important people in my life. It is home to my second family,img_0870

over 100 children that I get to call my own,


home to a precious little girl who makes my heart skip a beat.img_0062

It is a country that completely stole my heart and hasn’t let go.

I knew after my first trip to Zambia in 2014 that I would go back and see everyone again. I knew that I couldn’t live my life the same way because there were people that I knew personally who were suffering and hurting and that I could do something about that. So, I went back the summer of 2015 and left even more of my heart there.

After that trip, the opportunity to become the Zambia Site Coordinator for GlobalFingerprints arose. GlobalFingerprints is the sponsorship program through the Evangelical Free Church of America. After much prayer and consideration, I felt that this was how God was going to use me to make an impact on the people of Zambia while still being able to finish high school and now college.

As part of my position I need to raise support for biannual trips to Zambia, travel within the states to raise awareness and support for the ministry and for the children, as well as any extra funds needed for the program. As an estimate, I am going to need around $15,000 per year. Would you please consider partnering with me on this journey through prayer first and foremost? I would not be able to do what I do without the constant support through prayer from you all!! Would you also consider partnering with me financially either through a one-time donation or through a monthly donation? Again, it is people like you all who make this all possible. I will include ways to give below.

If you have any questions about the ministry I will be doing through this position or if you are interested in the possibility of going to Zambia on this trip or a future trip please feel free to leave a comment, message me, or email me at

If you feel led to give there are a few ways you can do so: The EFCA has a secure online giving website that you can access here. In order for your gift to go directly to me, in the Other box you will need to include my name and account number- Shelbyrae Myers-2152. You can also choose to make your gift a reoccurring monthly gift by typing “Process this gift monthly” in the comment section.

If you would like to mail a check in, make sure to include my name and account number, Shelbyrae Myers 2152- and you can send it to

EFCA Donor Services

901 E78th St

Minneapolis, MN 55.

Again, thank you all so much for your constant support and prayer. I couldn’t do this without all of you!




Velveteen Rabbit

Being in a third world country on a mission trip is not as glamorous as it looks in the pictures. It isn’t always adorable children running around you gently tugging on your skirt. It’s crazy children running in circles screaming, yelling, and laughing as you play with them. It’s hard work. Its’ mentally draining. It’s spiritually demanding. It’s physically exhausting. But it is oh so worth it.

Last night was an adventure to say the least. We had a mishap with some boiling water that resulting in Jenna having a second degree burn on her wrist. I had adrenaline coursing through my body trying to find medicine for her to take, cream for her to put on it, clean water to put on it. By the time we finally went to bed and fell asleep it was probably close to 1:00 and we had to be up at 7 the next morning. That made for a short night but praise Jesus we both slept through the whole night and woke up feeling pretty refreshed considering our past night. But I had a strange comfort knowing that we were doing God’s will and Satan was trying to do everything he could to stop that.

After that 7:00 alarm went off and we groggily rolled out of bed and started getting ready, Barbra came in our room and told us that Edward wanted to have a family devotional this morning before everyone went their separate ways. The devotional itself was just a few minutes long but it was incredibly encouraging.

We arrived at the orphanage around 10 after a various series of stops on the way only to be welcomed by 68 eyes staring at you, 34 mouths yelling hello, and 68 feet running towards you. Best welcoming ever!! Oh how I missed these littles!!!

There was a volunteer from a local university there who was entertaining most of the children while Jenna and I went inside to get our materials out for the day. Beatrice, one of the older girls and one of my little buddies, followed us in and then ran to the girls room. I didn’t think much about it until she came back bearing a hand written letter to me with pictures she had drawn and the absolute sweetest note written inside! I read and  did everything I could do to keep from crying.

We shared our lesson about creation, did our craft with the kids which included play dough and lots of smiling faces. After we had finished that portion of our day we all moved outside and started playing a various assortment of games. I had my sweet baby Deborah with me but this time I wasn’t just holding her, I was able to play with her, tickle her, and see her face light up every time she smiled!!

We were at the orphanage until about 3:00 just playing and hanging out with the children. It doesn’t sound like much but trust me when I tell you that entertaining 34 children all day is exhausting but oh so worth it. By the end of the day I was covered in a layer of dirt, food, playdough, and germs but none of that mattered, all that mattered was the fact that these children of Gods precious little ones who deserve the best in their live and deserve to be loved and I hope that just in today Jenna and I were able to show that to them.

In the book Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis she compared herself to the velveteen rabbit and I can’t agree more with that analogy. On my first trip to Zambia I was all happy and excited to change the world and fix the things in Zambia that needed fixed. But now on my third trip I like to think I have a different mindset. I don’t want to come in and fix everything while here, I want to come in and create relationships with people who can then create change in their lives that then affects the lives of the people around them. I want to teach these children what it means to follow Jesus and disciple them so that when I am not here, they will still know how to read their bible, what certain bible stories are telling them and how to pray. I don’t want to come across to these children or to any of you like I have this all together and that I am perfect. I am the farthest thing from perfect. But God is using me. I do not understand why He picked me but I am listening to Him and obeying His will for my life to the best of my ability. I am no longer the perfect little velveteen rabbit that I was on my first trip, I am worn, used, broken, and torn. But I am loved and I am loving those around me. I would so much rather be torn and broken and be able to show how Jesus is mending me than be the perfect rabbit who is not living in Gods will.

Prayer Requests

  • As I mentioned earlier I was covered in a layer of germs well as if it were clock work I am starting to feel a cold coming- please pray for health and that I can stop this cold from coming.
  • Pray for Jenna’s wrist, she has a pretty nasty and strongly cool looking blister on her wrist-pray for quick healing and for the burn to not become infected.
  • Pray for open hearts and minds of our littles at the orphanage.
  • Pray for the older girls at the orphanage, my heart really went out to them today and I really want to show them that they are loved by me and also by their Heavenly Father.
  • Pray for any distractions that come to mind that they will be pushed out of our minds so we can yet again focus on Jesus and His will for the trip.


I thank you for giving Jenna and I the opportunity to come to Zambia and serve you. I pray that you will open the hearts of our sweet little friends at the orphanage this week. Open their minds to hear what you have to say through us. Keep them close to you Jesus. Let them know that they are loved, cherished, and oh so special!

Supporting Todays Youth

Hello friends! This blog is kinda all over the place. It made sense in my head and then I started typing and it is a little hard to follow but I hope that this will make at least one of you think about your life!!

Tonight I came across an Instagram page that was completely devoted to Atheism and the top of the page said that a world without religion would be a perfect world. Well being the curious person I am I scrolled through the page just to see what they were posting and what I saw broke my heart. I saw many old testament verses being used in the wrong context for example Leviticus 25:44 “Your slaves are to come from nations around you: from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become you property” under the verse the said “If you religious book promotes slavery why do you still follow your religion?” If any of you have read through Leviticus you know it is a book full of laws that God was giving to Moses to share with his people. These people were under this law because Jesus had not come down to Earth yet. Because Jesus came to Earth and eventually died a sinners death for us we no longer need to live under those laws, we are saved by grace through faith alone Ephesians 2:8 “For you are saved by grace through faith and this s is not from yourselves, it is God’s gift. Nor from works so hat no one can boast.”

I heard a conversation this past week where someone said they didn’t care if you believed if Jesus was God’s son or if he was just a good man or a prophet, they only cared about the good you were doing for others around you.

I have witnessed many people who claim to be Christ followers who do not live a life that is honoring to God. They listen to bad music, watch bad shows, and talk negatively about others.

Now I gave you these examples to tell you this, the church needs to be investing and teaching the next generation the truth not some mushy gushy feel good stuff. We need to be telling these kids what it truly means to be walking beside God in your life not just playing games and having a good time (I’m not saying that playing games and having fun is a bad thing but we need to be teaching more than that. These kids need to know their bible and need to be able to defend it when needed. We need to stop feeding them what they want to hear and what will make them happy because they will be in for a world of hurt when they go out into the real world. We need to be teaching them to rely on God when tough times come because life is not always easy-peasy. Life gets hard, life will throw you curve balls and if we don’t supply the resources and the people to support each other then I think we have failed at our job.

Now I know some of you will be thinking that I am still one of these kids and that I don’t know what it means to go through tough stuff but trust me, I’ve been through my fair share of crap in my life and I believe that God put me through those things for a reason and that they made me who I am today. I would not have such a heart for the lost and broken in this world if I hadn’t of been lost and broken when I finally opened my heart to God. I have had to cling to God with all I have because he was all that I had left. I give a lot of the credit for that to my parents and my grandparents they showed me what it means to let God run your life and to rely on Him for everything. I want to be able to use my story to impact others around me. I want to be able to use my story to show these kids what it means to follow God at such a young age. I am not perfect by any means and do not have a perfect walk with God at all but I try to and that is what I want to share with you guys. If there is someone in your life who is younger than you or someone who is just starting out in their walk with God. I would encourage you to first pray about it and if God is leading to share your story, share you struggles, and share how God brought you through that. This weekend I was able to go to a Silver Ring Thing event and was touched by the openness of these individuals to share their story with so many. So many of their stories revealed very vulnerable aspects of their life but they were willing to listen to God and follow through knowing that He can use their story to impact people’s lives. I know that they impacted my life and I’m sure they impacted many other peoples lives as well and if God can use me to do that with at least one person then I believe my life is worth it. What are you going to do to make your life worth it? Who are you going to share your story with? Who are you going to mentor and show what it means to walk with God?

Will you join me in praying for the youth around us?

Lord God please give us all a heart that yearns to be with you and to do your will God. I want to thank you for opening my heart and my eyes to these youth that need to me mentored and to be shown what it means to walk with you God I pray that others will join me in praying for a revival within this generation, a revival that will leave the world speechless God. I pray that we will be able to teach you word in a way that they understand and in a way that can be used in their everyday lives. I pray that they will make their faith their own and that it wont be their parents or their grandparents faith anymore. God move in the generation is big and mighty ways like only you can. Thank you for entrusting us with these precious children of you! I love you Father ❤

Your loving daughter,



It was around this time last year that I made the final decision to spend my summer in Zambia and I thought I would continue that tradition and announce that I will be going back again this summer!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I am overjoyed when I think about spending another 7 weeks in the country that I consider my second home. I am so excited to reconnect with all my friends I made this last summer. My heart skips a beat when I think about seeing the gorgeous smiling faces of the children at the orphanage and the feeding center again. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to have family and friends here in the US as well as a second set of family and friends in Zambia. I cannot even begin to explain to you how ecstatic I am to go back this summer!!!

I will be spending another 7 weeks in Zambia with a trip through the Evangelical Free Church Of America, Trek7. Being that it is fairly early I do not know exactly who my teammates will be or what I will be doing. I am just trusting that God has a plan and that He will knit together the perfect team whose skills and passions complement each other so that we can serve our Heavenly Father in amazing ways!

Now if any of you have been on a mission trip or have ever supported someone going on a trip, you know that it is not a cheap endeavor so therefore I will be sending out support letters, hopefully selling t-shirts, and doing other fundraisers in order to be able to make this trip happen. I will need $3,000 for on the ground costs plus airfare which will end up being around $2,000-$3,000 so in total i will be needing around $5,000-$6,000 in all!! But I have seen God work in crazy ways and if Zambia is where I need to be this summer I have full faith that my trip will be covered! I always explain it is as jumping off a cliff blindfolded. I I am jumping off a cliff into Africa and just trusting that Jesus will catch me and support me in everything I do!

If any of you would like to receive a support letter to learn more about what I will be doing and would like to support me, private message me with your home address and I will send a letter to you! I love each and everyone of you and pray for you all often!! Without your guys support and prayers doing what I do would be close to impossible!!

Redemption: I Am Not Who I Was

There have been a couple words over the last few months that always seemed to stick out and for a while I just assumed it was a bunch of coincidences that these words kept showing up but I came to realize that God was laying these words on my heart for a reason and that I should pay attention to what God was trying to tell me. Over the next couple days and weeks I will be sharing with you guys in a ‘mini series’ what each of these words have meant in my life and how I hope to learn more about God, myself, and the future through these words.

The first word is redemption. I have been going through the book The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee and so far the main theme has been redemption. We are human beings that have a sinful nature. We have had a sinful nature since the day we were born and will have it till the day we die. If it were not for God sending His son to Earth to pay the ultimate price for our sins we would end up in Hell. I think often time that is sugarcoated in today’s society but the fact of the matter is if you don’t admit that you are a sinner, believe that God sent His only son Jesus Christ to this Earth to pay the ultimate price for your sins, and confess your sins to God you will not spend eternity with Him but you will spend eternity in Hell. It is as simple as that.

Growing up in the church I knew this and made the commitment to Jesus at an early age. The summer after my 7th grade year I was at camp and really felt God calling me deeper into a relationship with Him. That is when my life changed. My life as I had known it was completely flipped upside down (in a good way) and I have never been the same since. I realized my worth through Gods eyes and that it was because of Jesus dying a criminal’s death on the cross that I am redeemed.

The past couple days and months I have been reminded that I am human, I sin, I fail at things, I am imperfect but through God and His everlasting love I am redeemed. I will continue to sin for the rest of my life but those sins are taken away. I am made perfect through God. I read a quote the other day that said “I can’t brag about my love for God because I fail Him daily but I can brag about His love for me because it never fails” This has been running through my head on repeat since I saw it and it is perfect for this season I am going through,

If any of you are reading this and have never put your faith in Jesus but would like to now please comment on this post, message me on Facebook, or text me if you have my number, I would absolutely love to talk with you and pray for you! If anyone would like to make a rededication to the Lord please do the same I would love to add you to my prayer list!

Shelbyrae Myers



Syrian Refugee Crisis Through My Eyes

2If any of you follow me on Facebook you may have seen that I am working on writing an essay about Syrian refugees. Before writing this essay I knew that I was in support of the United States taking in refugees so people like you and me could love on them and show them Jesus love but I didn’t have any statistics or research to back me up on that. Now I do and I would like to share it with you. I realize that some of you may have a very different opinion than I do but I want to put my opinion out there.

There are over 7 million Syrians that are Internally Displaced Persons or IDP within the country of Syria. On top of that there are over 4 million people who have fled to neighboring countries, 10% of the 4 million have made their way up through Europe and beyond. 1

All I can think about when people bring up the refugees are the defenseless vulnerable children that only know a life on the run, never knowing what it is like to have a bed of their own with a secure roof over their head. I am sure a lot of you have seen the pictures and videos of the toddler who was drowned as his family was trying to flee to Europe to find a safe haven. This poor little boy had no way  to save himself and neither did his parents. This is where we as Christ followers need to  step in and help. I think the United States should model themselves after Germany and their efforts with the refugees. Germany has opened their doors and is allowing as many refugees in as they can trying to provide them with the tangible items that they need. On the Berlin Trek7 this summer I remember the team saying how the best part of their whole trip and the most moving part was the part that they got to spend at a refugee camp. They were able to form bonds and share the love of Jesus with these people. This is what we need to be doing. With that being said I do think there needs to be some precautions and requirements for the refugees to come into America but closing our borders is not the answer. Closing our borders is giving out one message to the rest of the world, that we are only worried about ourselves. Now I do understand the risk that comes along with allowing the Syrian refugees into America but there is an equal risk of not allowing them in. To be honest if ISIS wants to attack us they will find a way to do it no matter what they have to do even if we stop the flow of refugees. If we live our lives in constant fear that something bad will happen we are not really living. God does not call us to live a life a fear yet he calls us to live a life of love for Him.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness but one of power, love, and sound judgment.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love instead, perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. So the one who fears has not reached perfection in love.

Joshua 1:9Havent I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Take a step back from all the] at the media is feeding  you. Take a step back from the terrorists attacks that have occurred in the last few months and think about these people. Really think about them. They are real people just like you and me. Has it ever occurred to you that this could have been you? It could have been you that had to flee your home country just so you could save yourself and your family. It could have been you doing all that you could to protect your family. Not all of the refugees are Islamic extremist. In fact a large portion of them are not. We need to stop thinking of them as “the bad guys” and start thinking about them as “lost brothers and sister who need love” just like you and I. We need to take this opportunity to share the Gospel with these people.

Dear Jesus,

 I pray for the refugees that they will be able to know that they are not alone in this big world . I pray that they know that we are for them and that we want to help. I pray for those who are a little timid about speaking up about helping the refugees  that you will give them a strength and courage to do what they believe is correct in your name. I pray that you keep the refugees safe as many of them are still on a journey that seems like it will never end. Give them strength to get up in the mornings and put one foot in front of the other drawing them that much close to their safe haven. I pray that as Americans and as Christians we will be able to help them along in anyway that we can and that we won’t let fear overcome our life just like Satan wants it to. I pray that we put our faith in you and love on those around us in only a way that we can with you . Thank you Jesus for all that you have given us and thank you for giving us the opportunity to share what we have with the lost and hurting around us. I love you Jesus.








I am homesick for a place I couldn’t have pointed out to you on a map before last summer. I have only spent a total of 10 weeks in Zambia but I feel so homesick. Since being back I have felt an overwhelming sense of longing. Longing to be in Zambia with my family, with my Zambian parents and siblings, with my precious children. As many of you know Pastor Edward and Barbra are here in Prescott for about a week. It has been exactly what I needed, the perfect taste of home. Pastor Edward and Barbra came and spoke to our youth group last night and it was amazing to see how simple words can light so many students on fire for Jesus and for missions. I am excited to see how God works in all of their lives!

If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen my posts about my sweet baby girl Deborah. She has been very sick the past wee or so. She hasn’t been able to eat anything at all and as a result is losing a lot of weight. She was taken to the hospital 2 days ago and has been getting IV fluids at the very least. Please keep her in your prayer, that Gods hand will be upon her life and that she will feel lifted up in prayer. Also pray for me to have a peace and a comfort with not being there with her. My heart breaks knowing she is not felling good and I am not there to hold her and tell her I love her. I am just trusting Jesus that he knows what he is doing, and that there is a reason why I am here and she is there.


One of the only pictures I have of my baby girl smiling!

What does adoption mean to you? To me it means to car for someone who needs to be loved and candy shown Gods love. It means being willing to give up time, money, and resources to care for a precious child. God uses adoption to help describe our salvation in him. Ephesians 1:5 “He predestined us to be adopted through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to His favor and will.” Has God placed it upon your heart to be an adoptive parent? It could be through domestic adoption, international adoption, sponsorship, foster care, or just sharing our heart with a child who needs it. Will you join me in praying for the lost and the broken in their world, specifically children. God has placed it upon my heart to be an advocate for the hurting children around the word, especially in Zambia. I am praying that 5 children will be adopted from the Sara Rose Children’s Foundation in the next year. I am also praying for each and every one of the children in GlobalFingerprints in Zambia will be sponsored in the next month. Can you help to make these prayers a reality?? Love you sweet friends!

James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

Much Love,