He Is Writing My Story

The summer after my seventh grade year was when it all started. I had recommitted my life to Jesus and was totally on fire for Him! About a year after that I was back at the same camp in Glorietta, New Mexico hanging out with friends and so immersed in Jesus’ love. Little did I know God was going to wreck my heart and shatter it to a million pieces.

The missions focus for that summer was in Canada and in Africa. We would spend the nights after worship praying for a specific missionary in either one of those places. One night there was a video for a missionary organization in Johannesburg, South Africa called the Door Of Hope. The Door Of Hope is a babies home that cares and loves for abandoned babies around Johannesburg and on top of that they have a “drop box” that is a place for mothers to place their children if they don’t have the capabilities to care for them. (If you would like to learn more about Door Of Hope click here) Well, after watching this video and crying my eyes out I knew God was calling me into missions in Africa. I didn’t know what country or when but I knew I would go to Africa at some point.

A yearish later I was kind of at the point where I wasn’t sure I still believed God was calling me to Africa. God knew that so He sent a friend to give me the book Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis. God yet again broke my heart into a million pieces for Africa. Katie went over to Uganda during her Christmas break of her senior year and fell in love with the people and the country and knew she had to go back. She convinced her parents to let her go back for a year after she graduated but only under one condition, that she come back and go to college. She agreed and went over and yet again fell in love with the country and saw such a huge need in Uganda. Over the years she has adopted 13 daughters, started a sponsorship program, a feeding program, a primary school, and is in the process of building their secondary school. After reading this book I knew for sure that I was going to Africa!!

Again it was about a year after that that God placed the opportunity to go to Kitwe, Zambia with my church for two weeks. If any of you have been following my journey since then you know that I fell completely head over heals in love for the country of Zambia and the people in Zambia. I knew that I would go back but little did I know that I would be spending my whole summer there the following summer. I fell even more in love with Africa and Zambia and most of all Jesus. I love every aspect of missions the good , the bad, and the ugly and knew that I would go back.

And that brings me to where I am now. I am staying in Johannesburg thinking about the Door Of Hope and how God used that organization to put a fire and gave me a passion for missions and that has not stopped since.  I am so excited to get on a plane tomorrow morning and head to ZAMBIA!!!! I am so in love with how God works and how little things like a short video can impact my life in such a HUGE way like it did 5 years ago. I hope that 5 years from now I can see how God was working in my heart during this trip for where I will be then!!

Prayer Requests and Praises-

  • Praise! As far as I know all of the teams have made it to there destinations safe and sound! Yay Jesus!! haha
  • Pray for safe travels as Jenna, Stu and I hop of a plane to take us to Ndola, Zambia and have someone pick us up from there and drive us to Kitwe, Zambia. We should arrive there around 2 or 3pm.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength with what we will be doing in Kitwe.
  • Pray for Rissa and Johnny that someone will come into their lives and will invest and disciple them so they can be more like Jesus.


Thanks so much friends!!!


2 thoughts on “He Is Writing My Story

  1. Dear Shelbyrae
    I do not know you, but man your writing inspire me.

    We live about 140 miles north of Johannesburg.
    I am originally from Namibia, lost my heart in Mozambique and married the love of my life in South Africa.

    I know exactly how you feel at this moment and will pray for your journey.

    Should you pass through South Africa again and are in need of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Jaco and Luani Hyman


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