The Little Things

It’s the little things in life that make tough travel days like today worth it!

It’s being prayed over and supported by so many other young people who all have a huge passion for Jesus.

It’s meeting new friends who you haven’t known for more than a week but know you will be forever friends.

It’s hearing stories already of how God can use you exactly where you are and how He calls certain people to speak to specific people around them and how that can touch those individuals lives.

It’s being told by a stranger they would pray for you while you are on your trip because they saw us praying before we left for the shuttle.

It’s having a conversation with the very unhappy lady sitting next to you about her travel mishaps and missed flights. And being able to pray for her the whole flight. By the end she seemed to perk up and told us more about her life and what she did when she was young. Again very cool to see the amazing power of prayer!

It’s being able to share what God is calling you to do this summer in Zambia and being so encouraged by complete strangers.

It’s sitting in the Atlanta meeting a youth group of 20 going to Haiti to help build a school. And being so incredibly encouraged by them and how young they are but so willing to go and help those in need in Haiti.

It’s watching Tim Hawkins videos during our layover and driving everyone around us crazy because we are laughing so hard we are crying!

It’s meeting a guy who is going to Zambia for work but his work involves bringing sustainable energy and efficient energy to the country on Zambia!

It’s sitting behind two precious little girls probably 3 and 8 years old who behaved exceptionally well for being so young and going on such a long flight. The oldest of the girls became my friend and we talked for a good chunk of the plane ride and after we landed and were getting ready to disembark she told me she would miss me! Totally made my day!



It’s sitting in our room at the guest house we are staying at in South Africa, being so completely exhausted to the point that the dumbest things we say will cause an eruption of laughter from the both of us- like Jenna trying to figure out which water is hers and her blurting out “I can probably smell my own saliva!!!”


Here is a list of prayer requests and if you would like to scroll all the way to the end and join me in praying for these-

  • A good nights sleep for both of us and a quick adjustment to the major time change
  • Safety while going to the game park tomorrow
  • For all the other teams, those who have arrived already and those who have not (not sure on which ones have made it, which ones haven’t, and which ones have had difficulties but will keep you posted)
  • Safe travels from South Africa to Zambia on Monday!
  • Rissa and Johnny (the two ladies we met in downtown Minneapolis) that they will give up on trying to fill this void in their lives with worldly and material things but that they will find their worth in Jesus Christ!


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for these little things that make the toughest days worth it. Thank you for getting Jenna and I to South Africa all in one piece with all of our luggage! Please protect all of the other teams that they will have safe whether they are still traveling or on site. Please give them the words to speak what you would speak and the eyes to see what you see. Father work in and through all of the other teams wherever they may be in the world! Lord I lift of Rissa and Johnny to you, I pray that they will turn to you Jesus and will no longer be on the search for worldly and material items but will be completely reliant upon you for everything they need!! We love you so much Jesus!!!


In His Name,





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