God Around the World

Airports are a complex system of passengers, flight attendants, pilots, restaurant waiters and waitresses, airplanes, and so much more. It blows my mind every time I get on an airplane that so many people are coming from the same place, going to the same place and the chances that anyone us are doing the same thing is slim to none.

ReachGlobal has spent the last 4 days, equipping, guiding, and empowering each and every person embarking on a Trek7 trip today and tomorrow. There are teams going all over the world. And we all have one main purpose in mind-to serve our Lord Jesus with everything we have in any way we can.

If you would please be praying for each of our teams!! I will post the name of each team, and a short blurp about what they will be doing. If you want more in depth prayer requests let me know and I can send them to you!!

Delhi, India

  • They will be doing a lot with children in Delhi, pray for what they are doing with these children and that they will impact at least one little child of God!!
  • There is a major Darkness covering India please pray for God’s light to be shone on the people put team touches.

Tokyo, Japan

  • As many of you know Japan is very much a shame culture, please pray that our team will be able to reach out to the lost and hurting people they interact with!
  • They will be working for a bit on a university campus again just pray for the light of God to be shone through this team and onto the lost and hurting youth in Japan!

Berlin, Germany

  • Germany as a country has been through so much and because of that it is a very unique, and special culture, please pray for an openness of the people our team speak to!!
  • Last year Germany gained around 1 million refugees from the middle east, our team will hopefully be working with them, again just pray that the light of our Heavenly Father will shine through our team and onto these people!

Pray Europe

  • This team has a very unique purpose, they will be going to four countries and 5 or 6 six cities across Europe to do prayer walking! This is the first of that kind of trek7
  • Please pray for a safety for the team as they are going to be encountering intense spiritual warfare!!

Bangkok, Thailand

  • This team will be doing at lot with the sex trafficking business in Bangkok, please pray for a lightness and a joy that can only come from Jesus to be shone to those lost and desolate people they meet.
  • Please pray for everyone involved in the sex trade business, the men the women, and the children-they are all inslaved in this business

Minneapolis and Crisis Response

  • These are two separate teams, one will be staying in Minneapolis working in the downtown area doing similar stuff that we did when we went down a couple days ago-please pray for a their eyes to see what God sees in these people they meet
  • Both teams will be going to the challenge conference and helping out with that so pray for safety!
  • The Crisis Response team will be doing a lot in New Orleans, just continuing to rebuild houses and relationships with those who were affected with Hurricane Katrina!
  • There is also a possibility of them going to New York, South Carolina to help in the aid from the past hurricanes and such- pray for a safety from the heat and that the Lord would speak through them to impact those they work with!

Costa Rica

  • Jenna and I got really close with the girls on the Costa Rica team during training and we are all a little sad we won’t be going to the same sight all together but God has a plan!
  • This is the first Trek7 to Costa Rica so the girls will be blazing a path for those that come after them and because of that they don’t know exactly what they will be doing- please pray for the girls that they will be flexible with what the Lord is calling them to do in Costa Rica!



We called ourselves the ZambaRica team!!!

Birmingham, England

  • I can’t say much about this team because of the nature of what they are doing and who the are interacting with but much like the others please pray that they will be able to impact those the interact with and that the Lord Jesus will shine through them and work in them!!

Zambia, Africa

  • And last but not least, us. As you know we will be traveling toZambia . Please pray that we will be flexible and will listen to what the Lord is calling us to do and what His plan for our trip is!
  • We would like to start discipling the older children and the workers to disciple those below them!

Thank you friends for praying for us and these teams! I will keep you  updated with more prayer requests for us and other teams as they arise! If you would like to receive a notification for when I post a blog, click the follow button beside this blog and you will get an email notification for every time I post something!!

In His Name,



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