Beginning of a Journey

Hi friends!! Our journey has begun! Jenna and I are currently hanging out at the airport waiting for our flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will be meeting all the other Trek7 teams tonight and will be doing training with them until Thursday. I am so excited to be around other like minded young adults who have a passion for missions just like me! On Friday morning, Jenna, Stu (our team leader) and I will leave Minneapolis for Atlanta, Georgia. We have a few hour layover in Atlanta before we board our 16 hour flight to South Africa. We are staying the night close to the airport and the next day we will go to a game park to relax a bit before we jump into it in Kite. The same day we will be taking a short 2ish hour flight to Ndola (a town a couple hours from Kitwe kind of like Phoenix to Prescott) where Pastor Edward and Barbra will pick us up and take us to where we are staying! We are so excited to get to work in Zambia. We don’t know for sure what we will be doing in Zambia but we are flexible and are waiting to see what God calls us to do! We will keep you updated as much as WiFi allows us to! I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me through prayer, monetary support, kind thoughts, encouraging words, and just the fact that I have such a huge support group doing this trip with me! Love you all!!

Prayer Requests:

Strength and Endurance for our travel time, Travel mercies, Good fellowship with our other trekkers and leaders in Minneapolis, and overall that God will be at work in Jenna and I and that we will see what He is doing in Zambia!

In Him,




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