Miracles Do Happen

Hi friends! If any of you were at church at Cornerstone today then you heard Pastor Dan’s sermon about miracles and if you weren’t there, you should listen to it when it is posted to the website!! A miracle that I am looking for this year is raising my funds for my trip this summer. Below is my support letter I’ve been sending out for those of you who haven’t received one or who have misplaced theirs. At the end there is information about how you can support me if you feel led. I need to raise close to $6000 and would absolutely love if you guys would prayerfully consider donating to me and praying for me as well. Prayer is the most important part about this, I can’t do this without your guys support! Please feel free to message me with any questions about my trip and how you can give or pray. Keep your eye open for fundraisers in the future! Thank you all<3


Most of you have been following my journey through the mission field since I began on my first two week trip to Zambia with my church in 2014  and my seven week trip to Zambia in 2015. Well, to continue my tradition of summer trips I wanted to share with you that I will be going back again this summer for another seven weeks with Trek7! I am so incredibly grateful and ecstatic to be able to go back this summer!  

Last summer’s trip was so amazing. It was such a different experience being there for seven weeks versus two weeks. I was able to experience the culture in a different way and I really learned what it means to trust in Jesus with everything I do. I learned how to live with roommates, how to grocery shop on my own, and I really made my relationship with Christ my own. I had two other team members and  we spent about a week in each of the Sara Rose Children’s Foundation ministries which includes the Orphanage, Boy’s Ranch, Feeding Center/School, and the Crisis Pregnancy Center. One of my favorite parts of the trip was to be able to form long lasting relationships and bonds with the children as well as the staff during our time there. One little girl completely stole my heart. He name is Deborah and she lives at the orphanage. She is three years old and has been through more than you and I can even imagine. She still is a huge part of my life even here in America and I am so excited to see her again this summer.


By the time I leave for this trip I will be on staff at the EFCA as the GlobalFIngerprints Coordinator for Zambia. Globalfingerprints is the sponsorship program through the EFCA and pairs children in third world countries with individuals and families in the United States. The individuals and families pay $35 a month and that helps the children by paying for school fees, helps pay for food, clothing, and medical expenses. Being the GlobalFingerprints Coordinator in Zambia means that I will be working alongside the other staff members in Zambia to help pair children with their sponsors as well as to raise the extra funds needed to help make GlobalFingerprints run as smoothly as possible. Now that is all important for you to know because I hope to be doing quite a bit of work with GlobalFingerprints on this summer’s trip. I hope that my team will be able to work with the staff in country to input new children into the system, update existing children, and send notes and letters to sponsors from their child(ren).. $35 a month can be equated to a meal out with the family. If you are willing to give up eating out once with your family to have an everlasting impact on children in Zambia go to globalfingerprints.org. (IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT SPONSORSHIP AND GLOBALFINGERPRINTS LET ME KNOW!!!)

I will be writing blogs as often as  the Wifi availability will allow me to. I will be posting to this blog as much as I feel led to. In addition to writing blogs for myself my team will also be writing blogs for Trek7 and you can find those here http://trek7.blogs.efca.org. I will be posting my blogs to facebook whenever they are published so that is another way to access them!

This trip is going to cost $3,000+ airfare so it will probably be close to $6,000 and while that seems like a rather large amount of money I have no doubt that God will provide everything I need! If you would prayerfully consider donating I know that God will use it and will bless so many people with it. Please make the checks payable to EFCA Reach Global and mail it to ReachGlobal 901 E. 78th St. Minneapolis, MN 55420. Include a note that designates it to Shelbyrae Myers @TREK7. I wouldn’t be able to do this without your prayers and support they mean the world to me!

Thank you all so much!!

With Love,



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