I am homesick for a place I couldn’t have pointed out to you on a map before last summer. I have only spent a total of 10 weeks in Zambia but I feel so homesick. Since being back I have felt an overwhelming sense of longing. Longing to be in Zambia with my family, with my Zambian parents and siblings, with my precious children. As many of you know Pastor Edward and Barbra are here in Prescott for about a week. It has been exactly what I needed, the perfect taste of home. Pastor Edward and Barbra came and spoke to our youth group last night and it was amazing to see how simple words can light so many students on fire for Jesus and for missions. I am excited to see how God works in all of their lives!

If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen my posts about my sweet baby girl Deborah. She has been very sick the past wee or so. She hasn’t been able to eat anything at all and as a result is losing a lot of weight. She was taken to the hospital 2 days ago and has been getting IV fluids at the very least. Please keep her in your prayer, that Gods hand will be upon her life and that she will feel lifted up in prayer. Also pray for me to have a peace and a comfort with not being there with her. My heart breaks knowing she is not felling good and I am not there to hold her and tell her I love her. I am just trusting Jesus that he knows what he is doing, and that there is a reason why I am here and she is there.


One of the only pictures I have of my baby girl smiling!

What does adoption mean to you? To me it means to car for someone who needs to be loved and candy shown Gods love. It means being willing to give up time, money, and resources to care for a precious child. God uses adoption to help describe our salvation in him. Ephesians 1:5 “He predestined us to be adopted through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to His favor and will.” Has God placed it upon your heart to be an adoptive parent? It could be through domestic adoption, international adoption, sponsorship, foster care, or just sharing our heart with a child who needs it. Will you join me in praying for the lost and the broken in their world, specifically children. God has placed it upon my heart to be an advocate for the hurting children around the word, especially in Zambia. I am praying that 5 children will be adopted from the Sara Rose Children’s Foundation in the next year. I am also praying for each and every one of the children in GlobalFingerprints in Zambia will be sponsored in the next month. Can you help to make these prayers a reality?? Love you sweet friends!

James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

Much Love,



Blessed Beyond Compare

I am sitting in my free period at school as I type this and I’m reminded of how blessed I am. I am blessed beyond compare to be able to go to school and get a good education all for free. There are so many people around the world who don’t get the opportunity to go to school because the school fees are too expensive and the parent have to make a choice between sending their children to school or feeding their children. We in America have no idea what that is like. We have never had to choose between eating or going to school and so often we take that for granted. We don’t realize how much of a blessing it is to be able to do both. I think of the children at the feeding center School. All of these children have never been to school before and this is a BIG deal to them. They are finally able to learn their ABC’s and their numbers, and how to play with other. They are taught the basics they need to move onto primary school to further their education. One of the days in Zambia, Maddie and I went out into Chipata and did home studies with VIctoria and the Teacher Elizabeth. I remember Victoria saying afterward saying how hard it is  for her because some of the children have been in the sponsor system for months on end and have not been sponsored. These mothers are desperate to have their children in school so that they can get out of this never-ending spiral that people go through when they don’t have an education.

I hope these words touch at least one of you reading this, if it does touch your heart and you feeling like God is speaking to you about this you can help. You can sponsor a child for only $35 a month. By sponsoring a child you can help them go to school, get food, clothes, and help to pay for medical expenses. You can also give these families hope. Hope knowing that someone all the way around the world cares for them and wants to see their children in school to help to get them out of these never-ending spiral. YOU CAN HELP. $35 a month is nothing to us, that is one night out to dinner for a family, that is one night out to the movies. Are you willing to sacrifice something so little to help a child in Zambia in such a HUGE way. If you are, head over to and pick out your sponsor child TODAY!!!!

These kids lives can be changed because of you!!♡

Much love,